Security Information

These pages are just copies of the old security information pages that we used under Peoples have asked me to post them even if we aint an active security provider any longer. So here it is.

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Why security pages on a multimedia web site?

Easy-Data is a multimedia software site, so why do we have this page? It has nothing to do with internet security does it? The answer is actally quite simple. My previous web site was all about security and information. It was ment for home users as a guide to safer internet use, and also had a lot of info and tips to webmasters and IT-proffesionals. I made them for fun, and was actually quite suppriced when i found that even Microsoft at some stage recomended webmasters to take a look at them. Today, i do not have the time to keep it all updated. It takes a pretty intense work to keep updated at this area. But many of the old sites articles is some kind of timeless, and those i will post on this page. If i get spare time i will from time to time update the pages with new info, but as it is right now i have more work than i can handle with the multimedia tools and applications we provide. Time will show.