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On this page you can read a bit about Easy-Data past, present and future, and a little bit about us behind it all.

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November 25 2013


About Us

In the Beginning:

It all started 15 years ago. I was working as a system engineer and desktop publisher. I did like to work with computers and also build them. So, to get parts i needed as cheap as possible the best way at that time was to create a company so that i could get parts without having to go to computer stores and pay full price. This company, Easy-Data has always been a part of me since then even if i didnt use it for several years. In late 2002 i started developing applications. Both for myself, and customers. At that time i was mostly interested in hacking and computer/network security. I was member of a hacker group that had several decent programmers, and learned alot from them. My first real program i named SilentNight. It was a hacker tool used to test security holes in web servers. The program was never published outside the hacker group due to the nature of the program. But it still beeing used, and are one of the fastest and most reliable of its sort.

In the year 2004 i started up for myself working full time as a developer with the goal of creating security software for home users. And i thought it would be a good idea to create a simple cd burner that i would give avay for free but with an adverticement of my security apps and services on the main page of the burner. It was named SilentNight Microburner.

Strangly enough, the users was much more interested in the burner software than my security applications, so finally i decided to stop developing security tools and rather start to create and work with multimedia applications. The microburner was soon a full blown burner tool that could do everything its big brothers did. At the end of 2008 there was about 2 million users of the burner worldwide, and i had about 200000 visitors each month. The whole thing was rapidly groving out of control since i was alone in all the work. I did try to get sponsors, so that i could hire in help and do a real adverticing campaign, but i could not manage to find anyone that fitted my plans.

My wife and me bought a house that was just a big mess and this resulted in that my computers was put aside and i went into carpenting instead. I was at the time pretty fed up by all the work with the site and applications and after discussing this with my wife we decided to lay down the whole site and developing for a couple of years.

The Growing Years:

I did not quite stop developing, but all i made was for personal use or friends and family use. The last 6-7 months i have been playing with the thought of creating a video player that could do it all. Both my wife and myself like to watch movies and TV-series etc. Personally i have a library with thousands of movies and series and i could not find a player that could do the things i normally need working on those files. It could be joining several small clips into a full movie, split files that were to big, get screenshots, convert a movie to a differen format etc. Another problem i had was finding players that could show full HD movies fullscreen on older laptops and stationary computers. The only player that did come close was Zoom Player. But again, that player costs money.

I started playing around with my developement tools and tested a lot of components that deals with movies. I found two promising components that i used a couple of months, testing out all the posibilities and durabilities. After that i have not been using ANY other player on my systems. Still i have yet to see an application crash. It just works! Sure there are a lot of work to be done, and the look and feel of the app could be a lot better. One night we sat and watched a movie my wife told me that i should start up again with a new website and offer this new player to the public.


Where we're going:

Well, it has been about 3 years since i wrote the above text. And i have been working with the Easy-Data Mediacenter almost since then. It is still quite a long way to make it perfect, but i am working on improving it almost every day. And my plan for the next couple of years is to make it work absolutely flawless, and then release a 3.0 version with a brand new and much better interface. If someone out there reading this would like to help out in some way please let me know. You do need to have Delphi skills and/or webpage developing skills.






personel bio pic (Kristen Tande): Married, 48 years old. Been working with computers and software the last 25 years. A sort of handyman i think. I like working with my hands and brain. When im not developing software you can usually find me with some kind of carpenter tools in my hands. Hobbies are: Building Loudspeakers, buy damaged boats and fix them, I do quite a lot of photography (did work in a photo lab years ago) .